A routine visit of a garden and grounds


The first thing we do in any routine visit would be to walk around the gardens and grounds to check for any potential hazards. We will then have a look to see what particular jobs will best suit the visit.


Jobs in a routine visit from spring - autumn:


  • Lawns mowed using a proffesional rotary lawn mower with a roller
  • Lawn edges neatly cut
  • Plants & shrubs correctly pruned
  • Hedges neatly trimmed
  • Borders thoroughly weeded and dug-over
  • Window views cleared of any obstructing plant/tree growth
  • Car parks, paths and driveways cleared of all litter and debris
  • Weed killer applied where necessary
  • Bedding plants, new shrubs and trees planted on request



Jobs in a routine winter visit:


  • Leaves and debris thoroughly cleared from all areas of the garden and grounds.
  • All annual bedding plants removed 
  • All perennial plants cut back and tidied for next year’s new growth
  • All Shrubs correctly pruned  
  • Trees pruned
  • Any unwanted or dead plants, shrubs and trees removed
  • edges of lawns refined using a half moon spade


Here at MW Garden Services we're also more than happy to take on any gardening requests in a routine visit.

All of our profesional, top of the range machinary runs on petrol meaning we can get on with our duties without causing you any hassle what so ever. 



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